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The 2019 COBA Tour Of Homes – Weekend #2

COBA Tour Of Homes

2019 COBA Tour Of Homes – 2nd Weekend.

The annual Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA) Tour Of Homes wraps up this weekend…

2019 COBA Tour Of Homes

July ​19th-​21st

Friday: 12-6pm | Saturday & Sunday: 10-5pm

As mentioned last week, the tour is completely FREE and self-guided. Simply show up to any of the homes when they are open on days/times listed above to check them out. See as many (or as few) as you like! In addition to the online guide, printed guides are available free of charge at the COBA office 1051 NE 4th St, Bend, OR 97702, our own Bend office (404 SW Columbia St #110, Bend, OR 97702), and at most of the homes on the tour as well.

Photos of each home have now been uploaded to the online guide.  I thought the awards for each price bracket would be up by now as well, but I’m not seeing them … yet.  However, I would be very surprised if the winners don’t have their award plaques displayed in their homes this weekend.

I managed to visit most of the homes myself last weekend. Here are a few of my favorites from those I visited:

  • 69355 Hawksflight Drive, The Rim at Aspen Lakes, Sisters, Oregon
    I thought this one had very nice finishes throughout. I especially liked the two fireplaces and the amazing theater room.
  • 1103 Highland View Loop, Ridge at Eagle Crest, Redmond, Oregon
    Very nice water feature at the entry.  Very nice kitchen.  However, what really grabbed me about this home was the master bath & closet. I liked that the shower has a usable bench AND that you can turn it on without getting soaked while doing so. You’d be surprised just how many showers don’t pass that simplest of tests. I also appreciated the thought that went into the design of the casework at the sinks. The master closet – which doesn’t appear in the photos – has quite a bit more storage area than most due to its 10′ ceiling. And thanks to pull-down closet hardware, you won’t need a ladder to access it.  Another thing I really liked about this home was that it captured most of the under floor “crawlspace” area and turned it into usable storage. If you visit this home, be sure to go in to the lower level garage and walk all the way back.
  • 6810 SW Mill Iron Circle Mill Iron Estates, Powell Butte, Oregon
    I really liked the overall massing of the home and the wraparound deck with views to Smith Rock and the Cascade Range beyond.
  • 15700 SW Rangeland Drive, Brasada Ranch, Powell Butte, Oregon
    This home also has a very nice wraparound deck as well as one of the nicer great room (living/dining/kitchen) designs I’ve seen in a while.  This was perhaps my all-around favorite home on the tour (of those I’ve seen so far).
  • 15637 SW Rangeland Drive, Brasada Ranch, Powell Butte, Oregon
    Best outdoor feature (for the entertainment area off of the kitchen).  I suspect there would likely have been other things about the home I would have appreciated, but so much of the home was cordoned off to visitors (couldn’t go in the garage, couldn’t go in the master closet, etc.). That’s a little frustrating on a tour such as this.
  • 16291 SW Vaqueros Way, Brasada Ranch, Powell Butte, Oregon
    Best garage.  If you visit this one, don’t just poke your head into the garage and think you’ve seen it all.  Actually walk in, go over to the smaller bay, walk in that one, and go all the way to the back for maximum effect.
  • 15602 SW Hat Rock Loop Brasada Ranch, Powell Butte, Oregon
    Best view. Brasada Ranch is currently touting the newly released lots on Pinnacle Court as the finest they’ve ever offered, but it’s hard for me to imagine better views than those of Hat Rock Loop.

Did you tour any of the homes last weekend?  If so, feel free to let me know which ones you liked via the comment form below!

This weekend, I’m hoping to see a few more of the homes I wasn’t able to get to in Bend as well as the one down in Caldera Springs.  And f time permits, I just may revisit a few of my favorites from last weekend as well!

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