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The 2020 COBA Tour Of Homes – Weekend #2

2020 COBA Tour Of Homes

2020 COBA Tour Of Homes – 2nd & Final Weekend.

The annual Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA) Tour Of Homes winds up this weekend…

2020 COBA Tour Of Homes

July 17-19, 2020

Friday: 12 pm – 6 pm | Saturday & Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm

As mentioned last week, the tour is completely FREE and self-guided. Simply show up to any of the homes when they are open on the days/times listed above to check them out. See as many (or as few) as you like! In addition to the online guide, printed guides are available free of charge at the COBA office 1051 NE 4th St, Bend, OR 97702, our own Bend office (404 SW Columbia St #110, Bend, OR 97702), and at most of the homes on the tour as well.

The awards were announced earlier this week and photos & virtual tours of each home should be uploaded to the online guide by tomorrow (Friday).

I managed to visit most of the homes myself last weekend. Here are a few favorites from those I visited:

  • Home #2152 W Clearpine Drive, Clearpine, Sisters, Oregon (SOLD – but a similar home is still available.)
    Unfortunately, this home wasn’t entirely finished, but it wasn’t canceled either. I like the simple, clean design and tasteful finishes.
  • Home #3391 East Diamond Peak Avenue, Grand Peaks at Sisters, Sisters, Oregon (AVAILABLE, along with others)
    This home was the biggest surprise of the tour for me. I really liked the setting, the neighborhood amenities (a park at one end and pickleball courts & a picnic pavilion at the other), and the variety of floorplans and finishes. Nice buyer incentives as well! And if you happen to be a private pilot, Sisters Eagle Airport is right across the street!
  • Home #668854 Hurtley Ranch Road, Sisters, Oregon (SOLD)
    I’ll admit it. I was never on board with Chip & Joanna’s “Magnolia” farmhouse thing. They seem to have single-handedly fostered that look upon the country and it’s always seemed like a passing fad to me. I’ll also admit that I did actually, kinda like the farmhouse-style of this home. The view of the Sisters isn’t half bad either!
  • Home #3061415 Skene Trail, Tetherow, Bend, Oregon (SOLD)
    When you visit this one, go into the Master Closet and look up high on the walls and notice all of the switches. Then, when you are back in the main living area, ask the host about them. And check out the kitchen. They’ve done something a little different in the corner of the lower cabinets – where you might normally expect a “lazy Susan” to be. Also, look up in this room too. You’ll see the expected upper cabinets, plus another level of smaller cabinets above those, and what looks like decorative wood paneling above them. It’s not. It’s actually a third level of uppers. There is a surprising amount of storage in that kitchen!
  • Home #3320349 SE Chandler Egan Way, 1925 Townhomes, Bend, Oregon (AVAILABLE, along with others forthcoming – they have floorplans for the other models at the Tour home)
    These homes were designed by the same architect who did the Tripleknot homes in Tetherow and the designs here reflect a similar NorthWest aesthetic.

Overwhelmingly, my least favorite thing about this year’s tour was the number of homes that were removed from physical tour and limited to a simple rendering and floorplan(s) on the website for the first weekend and (hopefully) a Matterport-style walkthrough for this upcoming weekend.  A total of ten of the 39 homes on the tour received that treatment.  Homes #40-47 (including all of the tour homes in Sunriver, Pronghorn, and Brasada Ranch) were noted in the printed and online guides as “virtual only.”  Homes #23 and #27 were taken off of the physical tour after the guides had been printed.  That’s a shame. I would have visited every single one of those.

Did you tour any of the homes last weekend?  If so, feel free to let me know which ones you liked via the comment form below!


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