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Central Oregon Real Estate - Open Houses Visit an open house in central Oregon!

Open houses are held by real estate brokers every day throughout central Oregon. You’ll likely find the most open houses on weekends, but you can find them on weekdays too. The searches below will help get you started.

Please be aware that open houses are not necessarily all-day affairs. While brokers can open up a home for the better part of a day, it is just as common for an agent to show a home for just a few hours in a morning, afternoon, or evening.

Some of the searches below may not have any open houses at the moment. You can always check back later in the day, week, month, etc. Or you can save any search to get alerts when properties matching your criteria become available.

Additionally, you might be interested in any of the following events:

  • Open House Weekends – Each June, the Central Oregon Association of Realtors (COAR) promotes at least one open house weekend. Check the COAR homepage for announcements.
  • Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA) Tour Of Homes – This annual event is held over the two weekends in July and is a great way to check out newly constructed homes by local builders.
  • Chefs On Tour is an advance preview of the COBA tour – usually held the Wednesday evening prior to the first weekend. While the COBA tour is free, the Chefs tour typically requires a paid ticket.
  • High Desert Garden Tour – This tour is a joint venture between the Oregon State University Extension Service and Central Oregon Chapter of OSU Master Gardeners™.
  • Green & Solar Tour – This an annual single-day event held in the fall and is a showcase of the latest in sustainable design.

Central Oregon Open House Searches

The single-click searches below are updated hourly to show the available houses at any given moment. If you are unable to visit an open house for one or more properties that you are interested in, or if you don’t see an open house advertised, you can always contact us and we can happily arrange a showing (or showings) just for you.

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Questions to Ask at an Open House

Open houses are an excellent way to view a property on a whim. They provide an opportunity to look through the property, and they give buyers a chance to get up close and personal, to glean as much information as they can about the property. If you’re on a search for a new home, and you are looking to attend some open houses, here is a list of important questions to ask while there.

“What is the neighborhood like?”

An experienced agent will know and be able to provide information on the neighborhood if asked, and an open house is a great opportunity to ask. Not only are things like the safety of the neighborhood, local schools, and amenities important, you can also get information on things only locals will know: how the local traffic is during rush hour (and how noisy it is), if there are any parks nearby, if the community is friendly, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask, and if you get a vague answer, it might be worthwhile to ask a neighbor if you get the chance.

“What’s the interest like?”

Open houses are a great way to judge the popularity of a property, as the number of people present can be a good indicator of interest (although some of those people could be neighbors or people looking with no intent of buying). Asking the agent about the interest on a property is one way to judge any competition from other potential buyers. You can ask the agent about any current interest: if the response is vague, ask if there have been any offers. A ton of interest doesn’t necessarily mean many quality offers. It’s also important to check to see how long the property has been on the market, and if there are offers, ask if any are contingent.

“How much are utilities?”

Utilities make up a large part of a monthly budget, and for some buyers, utility costs may be higher in a new area than in their current property (especially if a renter is looking to buy). When attending an open house, ask the agent how much the monthly utilities cost the current owner. Also find out if the neighborhood or complex has an HOA: how much the monthly fees are, what they cover, and how often the fees are assessed. It’s up to the HOA to decide what the fees go toward, but for many HOAs the fees cover basic maintenance of the community, municipal services (trash removal, water, and sewage), and lawn care or maintenance of any shared outdoor spaces (a community greenway or park). If the property is in an exceptional community, it could cover a clubhouse, community pool, fitness center, and more (but with these additional items monthly HOA fees can be in the hundreds).

“How motivated is the seller?”

Buyers have specific needs when it comes to housing. They may be renters looking to buy and have a date when their current lease ends; they may already own a property and have an offer on their current home, or they could be living with family or friends and looking to buy something as soon as possible. At an open house, ask the agent how motivated the seller is. If the seller wants to be out of the property as soon as possible, he or she may be more willing to negotiate when it comes to offers. If they’re not motivated or are hoping for a long closing, they may not be as interested in negotiations.

“Have there been any recent improvements?”

As a buyer, you want to know if a property has had recent upgrades or any construction done on it. Not only will this tell you what may or may not need to be replaced or upgraded after purchase, but it also lets you know if the current owner has taken care of the property. You’ll be able to spot new appliances or modern cosmetic changes, but as a buyer, you won’t be able to tell if the furnace is on the fritz, how old the electrical system is, or anything else that may be hidden in the property. If any recent additions or large renovations have taken place, you’ll know to ask if the proper permits were obtained from the city, county, or other government agency prior to the start of the work.

Don’t Forget…

Sometimes buyers get caught up in the opportunity to look through a house during an open house and forget to use the time to ask important questions. Before you embark on your open house tours, remember your list of questions, as they’ll certainly help you make a decision on whether to pursue a property further or move on to the next one.

Words, formatting, and layout © Mitch Darby. All rights reserved. Information provided is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice.

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